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DNA Army 420 Special

Apr 08, 2016

Celebrate this year's 4:20 in some fresh DNA Genetics/ DNA Kakaa clothing and merchandise with our special 420 Promotion.

From April 17th - April 23rd, Receive *25% OFF full priced items only at (This promotion only applies online)


420 has become a very popular tradition within the smoking community, every year on April 20th you would see Cannabis connoisseurs gather at various events or the comfort of their own home just to smoke some herb, companied by some good friends when the clock passes 4:20pm.

Numerous events will held all over the globe in Denver, Colorado and more around the USA and for all you tokers in Amsterdam there will be a special 420 Rally held at Vondelpark which is a short walk from the Leidseplein. (More details to feature as we hear)


If you plan on attending any events or plan to stay at home in comfort of your own home, why not pick up one of our popular DNA Tangie Juice T-Shirts which will surely turn some heads or perhaps one of our DNA Kosher hats to complete the ultimate DNA Genetics look.

Whatever your style is, we're sure to have you covered with our huge selection of items online.


 * Discount applies to full priced items only. Please Note that the discounted final price will show up in your basket upon checkout. | The Official store for DNA Genetics Merchandise | Worldwide Discreet Shipping

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