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Welcome to the brand new DNA Army website, here you will be able to purchase all DNA Genetics merchandise before anyone else has it on the market. Special promotions and giveaways will be happening on a regular basis so make sure to subscribe to our mailing list and look out on our social networks.

DNA Genetics was founded in Amsterdam in 2004 and is know for the creation of many strains of medical cannabis seeds. Throughout the years, DNA has won multiple awards from prestigious cannabis events in several countries and, along the way, has embraced each and every one of our supporters into what is now known as the DNA Army.

This movement has people growing DNA, smoking DNA, and rocking all the dope DNA threads - we are now enlisting you to be the next to join the DNA Army, do you accept?!


DNA Genetics Amsterdam DNA Genetics Amsterdam


Since we came here in 2003, Amsterdam has sure made us feel welcome. So when you're next in Amsterdam, come and introduce yourselves at the store! Here you can view our DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada Seed Gallery, get your hands on our full range of Bongs and Glassware, get some pointers from our friendly staff and just chill out the Amsterdam way.

The address for our store is:
DNA Genetics
Sint Nicolaasstraat 41
1012 NJ

With twenty years and two continents' worth of green fingered expertise, we want to give you not only the best merchandise, but advice on growing a premium smoking experience in your own backyard with our Cannabis Cup winning seeds!

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